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AI Center Kundasale


Semen collection  center was first established in Getambe in 1947 and the first artificial insemination of a cow  was performed at Meewathura farm Kandy, At the beginning only chilled semen was produced in this center. That time the service was limited to areas around Peradeniya.

Artificial Insemination center was shifted to Kundasale in 1962. In 1975, Animal Product & Health Division  secured assistance from the government of  Sweden (FAO/SIDA Livestock development & Breed improvement project ) for improvement of animal breeding activities. Through this project freezing of bull semen was introduced in 1976 and artificial insemination programme expanded by using deep frozen semen.

Presently, this center is under the livestock breeding Division of Department of Animal Production & Health.

Totally 27 bulls are available at present.

  • Friesian - 08
  • Jersey - 08
  • Sahiwal - 01
  • Buffalo - 02
  • Jersey Young Bulls - 05
  • Jer/ Sw - 01
  • Jer/ Fri - 02

Collection, processing and freezing of semen being done twice a week from above semen donors. Deep frozen semen and Liquid Nitrogen distribution programme is handled by this center and all the field AI centers receive semen and liquid Nitrogen once in three weeks.

In addition to the supply of semen and liquid Nitrogen other inputs required for AI service also supplied by CAIS Kundasale.

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