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Department of Animal Production and Health
Application For Permit to Import
Domestic and Wild Animals (excluding Poultry, Cage & Aviary Birds)
*Please type or write clearly in BLOCK letters
*Email :

Name and Address of Importer:
Telephone No:
Fax No:
Exporter /Consignee
Name and Address of Consignee:
Telephone No:
Fax No:
Description of Animals * State whether Bovine, Porcine, Caprine, Canine, Feline or any other species
*Species Breed No of Animals Identification Marks Age or Date of Birth Female/Male
Quarantine History (if known)
Has the Animal been in an Official Quarantine Premise or in a "restricted entry" area in the country of export?
Yes      No
If 'Yes' the Quarantine period was from (date of entry) to: (date of release)
Blood Test Report
A copy of International veterinary Certificate
A Copy of vaccination report book

Director General,
Department of Animal Production & Health,

I hereby agree :

  • to adhere to conditions stipulated by the Department of Animal Production & Health (DAPH) in respect to importation of Domestic and Wild Animals into Sri Lanka
  • to forward an International Animal Health Certificate at the time of entry conforming to Health requirements stipulated by the DAPH
  • to quarantine these animals and allow authorised officers of the DAPH to examine and to take samples for necessary laboratory examination
  • to inform Director General, Animal Production & Health on any diseases/ deaths among imported animals
  • to follow any other terms and conditions as may be stipulated by the DAPH from time to time

I declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief all the above information is true and correct

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